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Vampire Weather is the mental outlet for the thoughts and feelings of a nameless poet. Rife with love, hate, fear, anger, joy, compassion, and plethora more emotions, enter at your own risk and don’t take anything too seriously…or lightly. If you like what you find, add your own comments, add a new line to the poem, or share this on your facebook. If you don’t like what you find, die a slow death, exit this URL, erase your memory, and be banished forevermore. Vampire Weather is not for your entertainment. It is for expression. Welcome.

10 responses to “About This Blog

  1. Like an angry ghost my memories haunt me
    Screaming in my face, ever-present, they taunt me
    I remember when you told me in a simpler time
    I remember sitting there
    I remember in the fall, when you taught me how to rhyme
    Do you remember singing about the morning at the top of the stairs?
    Sleep gives no relief, awake is miserable at best
    The invisible walls beginning to jest

  2. Stay With Me

    No doubt this is something special
    And more than controversial
    Becoming the talk of the town
    I don’t care, he rids me of my frown

    Stay with me
    I need your sweet smile
    Stay with me
    I need your nearness for a while

    If you listen closely to our hearts
    It will reveal we aren’t meant to be apart
    The looks he gives across the room
    Stop my breathing and make it difficult to resume

    Stay with me
    I need your blue eyes
    Stay with me
    I need your inability to tell me lies

    Stuck in my head, mental pictures of his face
    Daydreaming of being held in his embrace
    I might be insane, maybe crazy
    Without his presence my day just seems hazy

    Stay with me
    I need your comforting hugs
    Stay with me
    I need your perfectly beautiful love

  3. The Heartbreakers

    This is a story
    About a pretty little girl
    Her fans adoring
    A beautiful dancer, prettier than pearl

    She isn’t the only star in this tale
    The two small boys at her side
    Demand attention just as well
    They make my day worth it when they haven’t even tried

    The eldest is gifted
    With more knowledge than me
    The small one has lifted
    My spirit just because he is laughing

    Their angel eyes a gift from heaven
    Their voices sweeter than chimes
    Both of which I could be lost in
    I already have half a zillion times

    The trio of sweethearts
    The three I love more than life
    Far too amazing to be noted on charts
    In the dark of this night, they are my bright light

    They will grab your hand
    They will ask you to follow
    They will say ‘I love you’, and
    When you can’t and they pout, they will break your heart

  4. My computer overheated
    My iPod has gone dead
    My phone is frustrated
    I’m going crazy in the head

    I refreshed the page
    Before it even finished loading
    To know more I do crave
    So I’ll press it again to keep from exploding

  5. Do you remember that day
    Before the season changed

    Do you remember when we
    Realized we could speak magically

    Do you remember before we
    Were a dramatic tragedy

    We would make silly jokes
    And sip from cold Cokes

    Do you remember
    When it turned December

    Do you remember cold breath
    And your hands warmed mine

    Reading eyes by the fire
    While the snow buried the drive

    Do you remember
    Please remember
    Remember December

    • I wouldn’t ask for anything except to have you close
      I don’t need a lot and not a lot of people know
      You became a part of me that makes me who I am
      I will not forget how you make me a better man

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