Vampire Weather

Hey, the skies are all grey
The horizon is faded
And the light has been drained

The mist sucked the color from out of the leaves
I wept with the clouds when it started to rain

Oh, the sun doesn’t know
The world has grown cold
Out of reach of his glow

In moods of December we danced through the shroud
Trailed by the hint of a shadow below

Hey, we don’t have to wait
For cover of darkness
To come out and play

It’s vampire weather, let’s go for a walk
We can stay lost for the rest of the day

Oh, and when light arrives
When these disguises
Uncover the sky
I’ll stay beside you where I can still find
It’s vampire weather that colors your eyes


10 responses to “Vampire Weather

  1. Every day I wake
    I long for grey skies to appear
    In my heart I feel an ache
    When outside the skies are clear

    When I shut my eyes tight
    I can see your blue eyes so clear
    But they are never as bright
    As when you are near

    Where are my grey skies
    Captors, please set them free
    I miss my blue eyes
    Captors, please give them back to me

    Day or night I feel love
    No matter where I lie
    Every time I dream of
    Grey skies and blue eyes

    When they turn up missing
    I can barely breathe
    It’s like my heart is freezing
    And my soul is not at ease

    All I long for is my freedom
    When the day is through
    By your side even imprisoned
    I just want to be with you

    Where are my grey skies
    Captors, please set them free
    I miss my blue eyes
    Captors, please give them back to me

    • Ah so tragic and lovely. It is hard to be held from the things we desire. Life holds us captive so many times. This reminds me of a news story I read yesterday about a prisoner overseas sending videos home to his family asking for help and his family trying to free him but the captors never made their demands clear or gave any information, so the family is stuck here seeing pleas from their father/husband but unable to reach him or bring him back. It seemed so agonizing. I felt like I could relate to them

      • I also read about that. I felt so close to that story because I feel like I have been in the same place as he is, minus the terrorists. How terrible it must be to not know if he will see his family again. Not know if they are okay, and be so far away that he cannot provide comfort or protection or talk to them. It’s agonizing to be kept from ones we love. And to feel so helpless. Wanting o make things better, but there’s nothing that can be done. One of the most horrendous feelings.

        I was going to post it today, but last night I wondered if you needed it like I did, so I posted. 🙂

      • I am glad to see more of your poetry. I love reading what you write, and you were here sharing them back before anyone had really heard of my blog, so I am impressed you stuck around this long and I always love hearing your thoughts 🙂

  2. VW, what a great poem – you have chosen such an apt name for yourself that you carefully pulled out from your own marvelous work! This seems to cast you as the King of Darkness…;)

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