Looking Up

Make faces at the lemons
Life provides for flavoring
Don’t cry for broken wishes
Life is full of better things
You and I were made for dancing
Let the rhythm lead you on
I know it isn’t easy
But it’s worth another song

Don’t stop looking up
Pinky promise you will smile tonight
Lady you’ve cried enough
Everything will be alright
We have so much more to do
So much to be thankful for
So I’m going to smile for you
Knowing that I love you more

Stop swinging punches darling
No one is attacking you
Everyone loves you so much
Don’t say you don’t know it’s true
Patience is more than virtue
Peace is just a choice you make
Choose the best that you can do
Do the best for heaven’s sake


4 responses to “Looking Up

    • I finally got it to work lol. I tried it 4 times on mobile devices today and it only showed the “purchase” link so I thought I had to buy to read, but then I happened to think it might be flash, and sure enough, it worked on the desktop computer. So yes, I just read it 🙂

      Very beautiful story! You are very creative and thoughtful. I’m blessed to have a chance to see your creativity and thoughts! Thank you!

  1. Well it wasn’t that impressive. :p The drawings looked like a child’s work, but I thought it added a certain charm.

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