Breath On The Glass

Such an afternoon to be a fool
So in love with nothing else to do
I’ve got time if only I’ve got you
We can take the train to somewhere new
I will smile and you will turn away
Breathe across the tinted window pane
Paint a heart on passing scenery
Fingers joined together underneath
Tell the man in uniform to wait
We don’t want to exit from the train
Everything we need is in our hands
Never need to pack another bag
Catch a flight out west when we return
At 30,000 feet I’ll keep you warm
Find a city vendor for a charm
Tip my hat and take you on my arm
We can find a window we can breathe on
Write our names in frosted yellow neon
Disappear and no one else will ask
We will leave our feelings on the glass


7 responses to “Breath On The Glass

    • On the window I wrote the way I feel
      Will you see it when you drive
      Because you know that it is real
      Did you see it in my eyes
      On the other side of life
      For all the things we can’t describe
      Write your feelings on the glass
      Leave a legacy in breath

      • Who left their fingerprints
        Right there on the passengers glass?
        The same with who I earned my dents
        The one in my mind as I let time pass

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