Children Of God

God are we children of your charity
Are we in your grace
God are we broken in divinity
Have we gone astray
God are we messengers of better things
Are we in the way
God are we fragments of your sovereignty
What have we to say
God are we victims of depravity
Are we really good
God have we spoken from sincerity
Do we have your word
God are we children of the reconciled
Are we as you thought
God are we driven by humanity
Are we on our own
God are we children of a higher king
Can we rise above
God are we soldiers for a purer cause
Do we fight for love


4 responses to “Children Of God

  1. What I like most about poetry is that you don’t have to be of a certain religion to enjoy a poem about that religion. The words, the flow, the musical notes that bounce off every syllable make every poem accessible no matter the topic, but at the same time you get to absorb those words and questions being asked and really think about them. This poem is a lovely example.

    • Thanks. It’s almost written with a tinge of sarcasm. A mix of acknowledging hypocrisy but not discounting the positives within one’s faith, which is probably evident in almost any religion, and perhaps, in a more personal way, in our own minds and hearts. Thank you for your tolerance 🙂

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