Maiden’s Lullaby

Tap-dance on the window pane
Tiny silver rivers on the
Glass beneath the willow tree
Lady will you lie with me
Listen to the summer rain
I will tuck you into dreams and
Kiss you as you float away
Close your eyes and wait for me
Slip into a velvet cloak
Wire walk the lines between the
Galaxies and far beyond
Let my fingers guide you home
Gentle on your painted cheek
Angel breath in silent whispers
Warm within our blanket womb
Fast asleep in quiet rooms
Stir but only if you wish
Fear for nothing cradled here in
Arms I kept to pull you to
A heart that beats with love for you
Come to me with cloudy eyes
Wake and drink the first of light to
Draw you from the further realm
Take your body once again
Come to life within your skin
Tell me of your revelries and
Dream anew another day
And I will meet you there


4 responses to “Maiden’s Lullaby

  1. Every new day
    Is one day closer
    To throwing the distance away
    Or putting it in the toaster

    One less day I have to wait
    One more day I can say is conquered
    I survived it, I’m one day closer to the gate
    I pray I can be patient enough, but that it’s not too much longer

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