Tear Myself Apart

Can you hear the threads explode
As I rip a hole through this open wound
I tried to heal but it won’t stay closed
And the stitches snap like a heart attack

When I tear myself apart
To expose my beating heart
For a lost and lonely world
Let the pain become my art
With the blood my ink to write
As I tear myself apart

Every sinew is woven wrong
Let me shred this tissue and break these bones
Call me human but I’m so much more
You can burn my skin but I’m deep within

And I tear myself apart
To expose this broken heart
For a lost and lonely girl
Let the pain become my art
We will paint our love in blood
As we tear ourselves apart

Reach your hand down farther and feel
There is passion burning there still
From this gash carved here in my chest
Till they dress me and lay me to rest

I will tear myself apart
Take the last of my beating heart
It’s a black and broken world
But the pain is my purest art
And I love you whatever the cost
I would tear myself apart


7 responses to “Tear Myself Apart

  1. I feel your heart across the town
    I feel it beat from where I stand
    I know your thoughts when I’m not around
    I heard the words in your eyes, I understand

    • How would we know love if not for hate? How would we know peace if not for turmoil? How would we know bliss if not for mundane? How would we comfort without pain? It is with great pain that great pleasure is experienced. It is with great risk that great gain is achieved. Were we to eliminate one, we could scarce know the other. A life of balance requires both at times. ❤

  2. In moments of agony, I have longed for death, or at least not to feel. Coming out on the other side, however, I have ALWAYS been grateful to have the depth and breadth of feeling–and the gift to paint it with words. So, I know.

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