Unfinished Sentences/Vague Replies

Her voice trails off in the distance
As I sit and ponder the weight of the moment
Her eyes speak to me in slow soft cyphers
That dance with the hum of windshield wipers

My thoughts play tricks on my instincts
As she sits and wonders how much I’m decoding
A glance to betray that I see it all perfect
To step in the fire and know that it’s worth it

Unfinished sentences hang in the air
Like finely pressed roses tucked into a page
Unwritten endings and meaningful stares
Ghosts of the things we pretend are not there


33 responses to “Unfinished Sentences/Vague Replies

  1. Waltz for a Melting Snowflake

    City lights on winter nights
    A perfect sight for the landing flights
    And stepping out with frosted breath
    The man boldly faces his impending death
    Hands thrust deep in empty pockets
    He knew the truth he behind her secrets
    Step by step a dance with fate
    He calmly waited as they approached the gate
    Shadows hang like waiting vultures
    He would sacrifice his life to preserve hers
    Face to face in cold conviction
    There had only ever been one condition
    Promised long before this winter
    Was a consequence to anyone that would risk the danger
    But unexpected footsteps sounded near
    The sound of her voice never before so clear
    “Let’s dance” she whispered with a darting gaze
    He forgot the cold of winter as his lifeless heart began to blaze
    Waking trees and stirring leaves as they moved in unison
    The delusive warmth of the dream could not last, it ended abruptly and he drew his gun
    Turned it on the shadows and fired into the dark
    His last bullet hit nothing, it made no mark
    And in the final seconds before the dawn
    He silently surrendered as he was the target the killers set their sights on
    Drawn to the flame like a dove to the sky
    He knew all along that this way he must die
    Her eyes captured him in a last warm embrace
    A gift from the stars, he breathed his last on his mind- her grace
    But fate and its grasp could but take his human form
    His love remains, and calms every storm
    and now each season she lifts her eyes above
    And knows he is waiting, her winterlove

      • There are times I think about the way things might have been
        Had I never met you or refused to let you in
        Where would I be now and would the pain be any less
        I still thank the Lord for every moment I’ve been blessed

        If I never hold the world inside my arms
        Out beneath a thousand burning stars
        Fall asleep on phone calls from New York
        I will be a better man

        If I never find the answer to these dreams
        Or wake up to a world that understands
        If everything is broken as it seems
        I will be a better man
        For loving you

        Some days go by easier and some days never end
        Sometimes I feel hollow where I miss my closest friend
        Some nights I don’t sleep at all and I just don’t feel right
        Lying here without you when I need you by my side

        If I never spend another day with you
        Laughing over things that we’ve been through
        Everything I told you will be true
        And I will be a better man

        I can’t change the way it all has gone
        And if we both are distant and alone
        I don’t think the way we loved was wrong
        I have been a better man
        For loving you

  2. Watching my favorite movie
    Listening to your favorite song
    Staring out my window
    Wish you were here to sing along

    Drawing black lines on your paper
    Typing out lines on my phone
    Gazing at the moon
    Wish we didn’t have to be alone

    Driving down the highway
    Sitting down to dine
    Looking at the picture you posted
    Wish your hand was holding mine

    Texting you was wonderful
    Oh how I miss communication
    Wondering if you miss me too
    Wish we were in the same location

    Everything I did today reminded me
    How much I long for you to be near
    Counting down every hour
    Wish that you were here

  3. Oh, VW! One of your lyrical poems! I could hear Simon & Garfunkel sing this….
    Sounds like your muse is back, as these lines trigger a strong emotional response. (And they bring back some bittersweet memories….)

    • Thank you, Betty, but this one is from the archives. I decided to give it some recognition, since it is an older post. I am honored to think of such talented musicians coming to mind in the same thought as my poem! Thank you 🙂

  4. A very nice poem Vampire Weather
    and I hope that you are enjoying the
    warmth from all of your reader base
    as I see many here that truly delight
    in your fine work 🙂

    Be well my good friend…


  5. Brilliant. It captures something so human… the tendency to dance around the real issues (which can, after all, sometimes be unspeakable)… to creat tense and awkward space between each other in which our souls suffer silently while we chat about idle trivialities…

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