Why do pencils have erasers
I guess we expect mistakes
Writing life in lead is safer
Just in case we scar the paper

Every line I wrote you
I made permanent, indelible
Everything I told you
I determined it was true
All the ways I love you
They are honestly imperfect
But I wrote them all in ink
That’s the least that I could do

What kind of coward writes a love note with a pencil
What kind of fool believes that hearts can be erased
What would it take me to forget the things we’ve been through
The lines are crude at times but cannot be replaced

14 responses to “Indelible

  1. Someone should have told me
    when I was planning my future
    that of course its true
    with great love comes great pain
    they are a pair that cannot be erased

    The happily ever after that I so longed for
    would not always be so happy
    but the Love I would feel would be stronger than imagined

    Would I still have chosen this life?
    or given up before it started?
    with great love comes great pain
    they are a pair that cannot be erased

    The things I ran from with great pace
    I hoped would not find me on my bad days
    but the struggle of one has turned to another
    put down the drink and hold on to the razor

    Love is a mystery can’t you see
    but it so much inside off me
    with great love comes great pain
    they are a pair that cannot be erased

    • Very true. Every person deserves to know love that is stronger than their loneliness, deeper than their cuts, and lasts longer than their body. For me, it is a treasure well worth the pain.

    • Wow! Such beautiful words! There is seldom something free. And usually the greater the treasure, the greater the price. But how much would i give for love, the greatest treasure in the world? My conclusion is, everything. I would give everything.

      • What do you give when
        You owe someone your life?
        What do you say when
        Your gratitude is greater than the world’s strife?

        Do you write it in a poem?
        Can you contain it in the sea?
        From what source does it properly flow from?
        I just want to say “Thank you” to you from me

  2. I like this poem a lot…

    “What kind of coward writes a love note with a pencil?”

    No, my love writes his love notes on the worldwide web… so many witnesses, he’s gotta keep his word πŸ˜€

    Just poking fun here VW but I really enjoyed this poem πŸ™‚ blessings your way

  3. I notice you have the older posts on top now. I thought I was skipping to new things, lol but I was deceived! :D… It’s good to see those old writings too though πŸ™‚

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