My Heart Doesn’t Break

My heart doesn’t break
It shatters and splinters
It freezes and cracks
Like the coldest of winters
It melts into liquid
It trickles and runs
It heads for the sea
Where it waits for the sun

My heart doesn’t break
It fills up the oceans
It turns and it changes
Like innate emotions
Till sunlight assaults it
And heats it to vapor
It rains down like words
On the surface of paper

My heart doesn’t break
It shrinks into pen strokes
It morphs into art
Like things that we invoke
It comes out in poems
Or things that I do
I gather the pieces
And send them to you


18 responses to “My Heart Doesn’t Break

  1. you keep amazing me with all your posts. i know its how ur feel but it feels like your writing them about me. which is what all us writters want for each of peices to beable to connect to everyone.

    • I don’t know what to say…you have such a wonderful body of work, that I am humbled that you take time to read and explore mine. Your imagination and artistic prowess is quite wonderful. Thank you for the encouragement!

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