If Skin Is A Cell

If skin is a cell
Then bodies are prisons
If mind is a hell
Then nightmares are demons
If life is a stage
Then death is our curtains
If love is a game
Then rules are uncertain
If eyes are a frame
Then windows are tinted
If time is a father
Then mine is abusive
If skin is a cell
Then I need pardon
If love never fails
Then this is my bargain


16 responses to “If Skin Is A Cell

  1. I heard it as a rap bridge in a rock song…this probably wasn’t your intention. 😛
    But it’s so concise and powerful, with the rhythm. Awesome write.
    Thanks for sharing ❤

  2. I checked your categories out, and maybe it says much about me that the first one I selected was ‘pain’ …. and here’s me such a fun loving person… I’ll leave you to decide if that statement is true … or not.. ( strewth, just had a thought that you might think I was masochistic… !! Wrong!! ) 😉 xPenx

    • Thank you for taking the time to dig deeper into my world. I’m afraid my poetry lately is a slightly unbalanced view of me. I don’t show this blog to friends and family because the darkness here is not what they expect of me. Perhaps I am a personality of extremes, but my defining emotional lately has probably been pain. My life has certainly had many beautiful moments, but my expressions are coming out distorted lately from hurt I’ve incurred. I hope it won’t be a pervading theme forever, but pain, sadness, and tragedy certainly provoke me to write. Thank you

  3. I was just reading your reply to Lady Pen,
    Penpusherpen as you will know her better
    I would imagine and I too have noticed a
    kind of melancholy edge to your words,
    but you know all the experiences that one
    shares, whether in reality or in our virtual
    friendships here on the Internet, it all helps
    to filter the thought processes of life…

    By adding your inner thoughts in poetry
    your reality is given a new breath of life to
    savour, in essence the real you benefits
    and as time moves on your whole journey
    will eventually become much clearer 🙂

    I like your poetry Vampire Weather 🙂


    • A book? I wouldn’t know how to even begin going about that, and I don’t know how I would distribute it, but that is extremely kind of you to say! Perhaps one day. I would really like to create an outlet for my art eventually, and maybe I could find a way to combine the two.

  4. Exceelent rhymes! Love the reflective nature. They told us in elementary school that conflict was important for a story to work and whether inner conflict/against self or against nature or another such types of conflicts create additional power in a poem. Music and poetry are largely about tension and release and can’t be always reflections of beauty or insights. Very well done!

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