Wrapped Around

Tangled up and gently floating
Bound with painted wires holding
Wound around and threaded closely
Deep within this presence ghostly

Knit with fingers interwoven
Touched by warmth from hearts unfrozen
Lit by flames that flicker brightly
Grasping until held so tightly

Wrapped around and in between
You cover every part of me
As if the lines upon my frame
Were formed to pull you back again
To ravel here our kindred souls
Till which is which we cannot know


8 responses to “Wrapped Around

  1. As I drive down that old dirt road
    Our song comes on and I turn the radio up
    I don’t have to try, I know how it goes
    I let my instincts take the wheel, and soon I’m lost in your love

    Lost in the memories
    Daydreaming of a beautiful story
    Pictures of the tale of the centuries
    Floating all around me

    I don’t have to see a thing
    To know for sure it’s there
    I don’t need to wear a ring
    To know how much you care

    I haven’t seen you for a long time now
    Somedays I’m scared you don’t exist
    But then I remember just how
    You taught me silently to get the gist

    I can still hear your heart’s sound
    And understand the words you cannot say
    All the way on the other side of town
    I listen very carefully every day

    That’s why I know even if I never
    Get a day when things go back to sane
    Or get to stay with you forever
    That our kindred hearts will always remain

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