Twenty four thousand miles
The circle of this sphere
Surely somewhere there’s a place for me

Twenty four thousand miles
And anywhere but here
I don’t know where I would rather be

But I would like to belong
And I would like to be home

Twenty four thousand miles
Across this speck of dust
Floating in an endless open space

Twenty four thousand miles
The distance between us
I want to set the galaxies ablaze

And I just want to belong
And I just want to be home

I want to tear apart the sky
Rip the colors from the leaves
Burn the atmosphere to static

If we could light it all on fire
Maybe then I could believe
We could rise up from the ashes

I can’t feel anything at all
But I feel nothing very well
Someone wake me when it’s over

I’ll either choose to sleep it off
Or I will blow us all to hell
I guess I’ll go back to the covers

But I just want to belong
And I just want to be home


7 responses to “24,901

  1. It’s been so long
    Since you called me on the phone
    How did so much time pass
    While I was behind this clouded glass

    I miss you even more
    Than every day before
    My feelings for you remain
    Just as much the same

    I’m trying to be patient
    But everytime I think about it I am nauseous
    How could all this happen
    It all crashed as quickly as it began

    I pray this won’t prove to be real
    I hope that soon I can get back behind the wheel
    I won’t take for granted again when I drive
    I just want to get back to my life

  2. Reflective — I guess one can think of yesterday and tomorrow as being just 24,000 miles away (actually 25, 000 — 24.9 miles at the equator — however if thinking in terms of latitudes away from the equator the distance is smaller. So for someone a few degrees North or South of the equator, 24,000 miles is correct. It’s been a long time since I had Trigonometry, but pretty sure that as you go towards the poles this approaches zero. 🙂

  3. Belief in our importance
    Not realizing we are so small
    Us, sitting around on this blue-green ball
    Cross all the oceans
    Forge all the mountains
    Trek all the deserts
    Home is Earth
    Home is everywhere
    Home is where you make it

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