Strings And Things

Fragile, the nature of us, being fashioned
Of flesh or of bone or of both being fastened
And woven together, though temporal being
Through course unexplained and, by force, no one seeing

To conquer, to hunger, to draw ever closer
Impeccable faults like impossible lovers
Unwinding by fate, perhaps, choice being loosened
In turn we are chosen; in pain we are proven

In wearing, like garments, we serve out our purpose
Till death do us part or calamities hurt us
Too easily severed, too short in our lasting
We die without answers and live without asking

Yet in our existing, though brief and unstable
In seeking we dream to be, if we are able
Intwined with another by strings or such things
As God in his love and the meaning it brings


14 responses to “Strings And Things

  1. Your rhyme scheme is refreshing in its ingenuity- its hard to find quality rhyming poets nowadays (to the point where some publishers forbid people from submitting it!) The meter had got a certain kind of melodic quality to it as well, which I enjoy.
    This is one of those poems that I liked without having to read over to it to find the things I liked- I just did. Which, to me, is more of an indication of a good poem than anything else.
    Thank you for the comments and likes on my own blog as well. It’s always good to have support!

  2. A finely woven piece of artistry
    Vampire Weather…

    I hope that you are enjoying a
    delightful week and that you are
    getting ready for Christmas πŸ™‚


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