Do you see me
Am I here
I must be crazy
But I don’t feel like I exist

Do you see me
I must be fading
Why is my face so colorless

In the mirror
Peering back
I must be dreaming
There’s a stranger in my skin

It looks human
Still intact
But I feel hollow
Like a fragment of the wind

I can see right through my tenuous disguise
This lack of substance and this faded enterprise
Maybe now in form I start to realize
I am translucent and I hope they see the light
Through me


3 responses to “Translucent

  1. Thank you for posting. It’s always an unusual, but welcomed, feeling when someone writes how you feel. Something you would have written yourself, but a different style. I was actually working on something similar to this at the beginning of the week,but I’m glad you’re the one that finished and posted it because your word pictures are so much better.

      • Why do you think i didn’t finish mine? It wouldn’t come out right lol. But you’re welcome. I haven’t found myself disliking anything you have on this blog yet.

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