Oh So Still

The teeth are out tonight
Just be motionless and quiet
The eyes are on the prowl
Making fearful sorts of sounds

But I learned early life is scary
Everything out to get me
Don’t disturb the silence
And stay oh so still

I learned early no one knows me
Everyone is cold and lonely
Don’t disturb the balance
Just stay oh so still

The mob is out tonight
Just be motionless and quiet
With torches held as swords
It’s a vicious little world

I learned early life is scary
There are secrets you should bury
Don’t leave any footprints
And be oh so still

I learned early life is scary
This disguise is necessary
Never let them see you
And be oh so still

But maybe just maybe
If I don’t move a muscle
The eyes will not see me
The teeth will not bite

And maybe just maybe
If nothing can find me
My silence will save me
And I will survive


32 responses to “Oh So Still

  1. Do you know I always think of you
    Every moment of the day
    Do you know that I pray you do
    Smile of me when you think of May

    I love how he calls me ma’am
    And love to think of him holding my hand
    The way his handsome eyes speak to me
    Across the room with a sparkle in his eye

    I hope you know you’re on my mind
    Without a doubt
    All the time

    I wonder what you’re doing now
    You know I love you more every day
    This is definitely worth it all
    Worth every bit of everything

    I don’t doubt his love
    Even if I was locked up
    This is definitely enough
    To absolutely know that he still loves

    So I say a prayer tonight
    That you know these without a doubt
    That I don’t for even a moment forget
    And my love for you will never ever ever run out

  2. Hi vampire weather,
    I think this poem is extraordinary. fear can paralyze people, so survive yes…but perhaps not really living. I hope you’ve had a great weekend VW

    ”*°•~ Nikki•°*”˜.•

  3. Hide behind the silence
    Let it be a cloak
    Inwardly warm
    Outside forged of scorn
    Keep quiet
    If you tell yourself
    That you are not there
    Then maybe they’ll believe
    And stop the burning stares

    Andrea xx

  4. Besides this being another stellar poem, I noticed that in the last two stanzas you pick up the pace (the lines are a little shorter, but the meter remains true) which matches perfectly your hope that you will survive – at the end of the poem. I do wish you that hope,VW, and freedom from fear!! We can all relate to this at times.

    Your poetry is so incredible, and this is another that made me just say “Wow!”

  5. How, oh, how, did you climb inside my psyche and voice so well what I could not. Thank you. This one gave me chills, VW. Intense. Deep. Human. Love it and you 🙂 At last, someone understands what I am going through right now. Thank you again.

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