What Dreams May Come

I don’t know what dreams may come
I can’t see tomorrow
I may find a brighter sun
Or drink a deeper sorrow
But in these simple lines I know
The life will always linger
For in these lines I write to show
The life within my fingers
And if you wake to find me gone
These lines for me will tell
That though you wake to find me gone
You wake to find me well


11 responses to “What Dreams May Come

  1. with each peice you show more of your heart, and in turn I learn more about you. you have a very kind and honest heart. beautiful work πŸ˜€

  2. Beautiful. πŸ˜₯ ❀

    I agree with her, you do have such a kind and honest heart. I enjoy that you share it.

      • I can say with all of my heart and without a doubt that your heart deserves the kindest of words. Even on days when it had to take a rest. Especially on those days. But your mind is a magnificent place as well.

  3. Goodnight sweet one
    Let the fairies and other tiny magical things
    Tuck you tightly in
    And angels cover you with their wings
    As you sleep
    And take your rest
    Dream a sweet dream
    Only the best
    Let my love like water
    Flow over you
    Sweet and clear as a musical charmer
    As you bid consciousness adieu
    Among the stars take my hand
    And meet me this night in dreamland

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