To Banish The Dark

Wield the autumn leaves as weaponry
Recruit the trees and we will hide
Beneath the veil of certainty
Beneath an orange broken sky
So many others have succumb
To these devices so seductive
Catch the wind and we will run
To where the world is less destructive

We will banish the dark
Turn on the stars
I want to shatter the dawn when it breaks

With nothing apart
Living the art
These are the signs of a beautiful day


7 responses to “To Banish The Dark

  1. Mmm your poetry is so amazing. I could read it all day. Thank you for another magnificent post. It paints such a wonderful picture and it takes me to another place. It makes me feel like I am in the poem and i am glad to be transported into this beautiful world.

  2. Do you see me
    Everywhere you go
    Do you look for me
    Out on the road

    Do you hear me
    In every note
    Do you feel me
    In your warm winter’s coat

    Because I see you
    Everywhere I look

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