In wood engraved before the bow
Consider life before you board
This is the threshold if you dare
But if you fear then turn around

This vessel fragile though it seems
Has weathered travels into hell
No safety here is guaranteed
But you may pass below the beams

Uncharted waters as a course
Into the storm the captain points
The bow our weapon in the storm
In search of strange and distant shores

Against the elements we brave
And take our rest on troubled sea
Beyond the curfew of the light
Into the mist our bearings laid

By mended sail and stern resolve
We strike for capturing the dawn
Above the barriers we ride
Escorted on by ancient calls

So cast away if you desire
A place aboard this beaten craft
But stay for hesitance or care
While safe ashore you can retire

The captain has no will to turn
Nor sway for danger if it shows
The currents take us where they will
And we may never then return

In wood engraved before the bow
Consider life before you board
This is the threshold if you dare
But if you fear then turn around



10 responses to “Captain

    • You may ask as often as you like. I was thinking, as I often do, about the ocean. I recall a metaphor used by C.S. Lewis regarding people in their attempts to find their purpose in life, and he referred to them as ships. In any case, I don’t think the exact meaning was meant to be interpreted by me, but rather by you. What do you think?

  1. It reminded me of making choices. As i was thinking the other day.. you should think about your choices and be sure of them before you make them. Because often when you have made your choice you can’t back out of it or change it once you come under fire for it. Just as a soldier can’t sign up, and then go home when the enemy is just around the corner, an employee can’t sign an agreement and not fulfil it when they are tired, and the captain can’t go out to sea, run into a storm, be afraid and go back to land. They will have to deal with the effects of their decision to do whatever they chose to do. And often to find ‘new lands’ we must pass through uncharted waters and make decisions that may put us in danger or in the middle of a war, we just have to decide if the treasure is worth the price. Many never make it through to their treasure; they have died in wars or on their quest to find a new land, but they believed it was worth even the highest price to reach throt goal. But that is the beauty and the magic of life.

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