Something About A Song

In the stillness of a small enclosure
An indulgent marriage of will and surrender
Provoke me to invoke a melody
From unfeeling devices
Spanning the depths of my soul
These merciless strains
All but rip the very sanity from my brain
Frozen here in some fantasy or fear
Or soft, warming loneliness that comforts and burns me as a potent drug in my veins
How can such wave forms transmitted
Across polluted airways and twisted wires
So thoroughly embrace me
As if the world were a myth that exists only beyond this painted plastic frame
But in here there is only me
Me and this…
Entity of sound
This invasive little parasite sucking the life from my heart and flooding my thoughts
And I love it
Something about a song
A language that at times seems too advanced for our primitive race
The blood in my veins
The pulse in my wrist
A melody
A sound
A door out of places with walls too think and air too stale
Something about a song
And I sit here at ground zero
The full impact absorbed in the fibers of my structure
For a few minutes raptured
For a few minutes at one
And then it ends
Life fades slowly back
Reality resumes
I reluctantly revive the engine
Wake up the roar and hum of this foreign land again
Breathe long and release
And drive away


9 responses to “Something About A Song

  1. is this an alternate reality, a dream? simple reminiscence of the past or an acid trip? there are different ways to interpret these words and it depends on the reader. i absolutely love dark poetry, pain hits us harder and the image it imprints in our minds is set in stone . . a feeling that gives way for dark poetry beautiful and powerful to inspire others. just love the way you write.

      • It is so wonderful the whole world should be reading it. I am certainly blessed to be one that has been touched by your words. I’m thankful everyday for it. You often post exactly at the time in the day I need it most. I can usually feel i will need it and know that when I look there will be a new post.

      • I often wait a while to post because I can never decide what I should post. I write more than I publish here and I am often hesitant to share. I’m glad it works out at good times for you. If I knew when would help your day I would certainly choose the times 😉

      • There are some in this world that have the special ability to know when certain things exist even when they are inaudible and far away and not visible. Things of the heart and on a deeper level.

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