Everything Is Tainted

When your eyes are scratched
By objects unforgiving
When your vision warps
The colors you perceive
Everything is tainted

When your hands are marked
By scars that steal the feeling
When your fingers reach
For things you cannot find
Everything is tainted

When your dreams are gripped
By demons uninvited
When your sleep is torn
In pieces you can’t mend
Everything is tainted

When your heart is broke
By bitter disappointment
When a void replaces
Things you once believed
Everything is tainted


8 responses to “Everything Is Tainted

  1. Very well written, I am glad you express your thoughts and emotions so that I may enjoy them. This one sounds very familiar in thought but you say it much better than I could.

  2. ur words always speak to me. like u tell a story about my own heart. its comforting to know im not alone in feeling the way i do. beautiful peom, as always ❤

  3. dark words, short and sweet but hits the point. readers may relate these words to their experiences, for me that all natural feeling of everything i do is bound to fail because of no reason at all (Murphy’s law) comes to mind. what better poem to emphasize that all knowing evil law.
    nicely done . .keep writing.

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