Coming Forth

Close me in a warmth
Like a blanket in the cold
That never loses heat

Quiet in the dark
With a tiny beating heart
And your arms around me

All I ever knew
Floating peaceful in this room
As I rock myself to sleep

Every day I grew
Hidden safely in the womb
With my head between feet

Then it was the day
When my world began to break
Like the walls around me

Taking me away
To an unfamiliar place
How the lights were blinding

Pressing on my bones
For the burning in my lungs
And I cried for mercy

Suddenly alone
Skin exposed to all the cold
I was tired and thirsty

Somewhere through the pain
I can hear you call my name
And your arms surround me

Nothing I could say
But I’m grateful for the way
I was not abandoned

Maybe here again
When my world is caving in
And the walls collapsing

I am coming forth
In a different kind of birth
As I cry for mercy

Even through the pain
I can hear you call my name
And your arms around me

Nothing I can say
But I’m grateful for the way
You have not abandoned


49 responses to “Coming Forth

  1. I love the first and last part of the poem. Beautiful. I wanted to let you know that nominated you for another award. The Versatile Blogger Award. Check out my blog for more details. Congratulations my friend!

  2. You are the glue
    That keeps me here
    And insulates me
    From all I fear
    Hold me tight
    You are my light
    In surrounding dark
    Hold out your hand
    The solid land
    Beneath me
    Is crumbling
    Soften my fall
    I’m losing it all
    This facade
    Of sanity
    Don’t let go

    Thanks for the inspiration and sorry to take up so much comment space……

    • Wow! Thank you! Please do not apologize. I am honored you took the time to involve yourself and respond with such art. If everyone followed your lead I would be thrilled! Beautiful work, my friend. I have felt that way so many times. I sense your words deep inside. Lovely

  3. This is absolutely beautiful – a very vivid birthing. Yes, thank you for not abandoning. I can really feel that bit. Great stuff, VampireWeather.

  4. Wonderful words my fine and wicked friend
    Vampire Weather πŸ™‚ I hope that you have a
    very happy start to your New Year in 2012
    and that all of your wishes will be fulfilled πŸ™‚

    Be very well my wickedly fine friend πŸ™‚


  5. So beautiful and unique, makes you ponder many things at once.
    Of coarse I think of my children, and what a beautiful disaster life can be. Love it.

  6. Hello V, This is really beautiful.
    I am really glad i found your blog πŸ™‚
    hope you keeping well and happy 2012…
    peace xxx

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