Dim Perfection

Autumn ushers overcast reflections
Flannel wraps and woolen hats betray the frailty of
Skin and bones in all our dim perfection
Knit together, fit and clever, better made for love
Harvest sprinkles carpet leaves for winter
Tuck us in our crafted dens like hibernating bears
Bring us dreams to compliment the weather
Sleepy eyes for stormy skies ’till I can meet you there


9 responses to “Dim Perfection

    • I don’t post a lot of what I write because I don’t like it lol. But I do have very inspirational people and circumstances in my life at the moment, so I don’t take a breath often ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thank you very much!

  1. I have had so little time to get to the computer. It’s great to come here and get greeted with such an excellent poem! It is amazing how you consistently come up with such excellent work!

  2. Once again – wonderful poetic phrasing and images… the literal and metaphorical references to both the frailty and arrogance of the human mind and body in the midst of cold winter… the longing to hibernate. I really love this, VW – it’s so multi-layered, as are all your poems !

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