Your reddish glow betrays me
Eyes awake and gazing in the dark
Counting off the phases
Minutes fast erasing from my sleep
I have memorized your numbers
Stricken from my slumber where I lay
Passing sums and figures
Every one a treasure I can’t keep
You tell me of the hours
When to wake and shower for my day
All the seconds ticking
Circling and tricking me to move
But your calculations falter
Falling short of altering my state
Count to everlasting
You will never task me how to live
There’s much you cannot measure
Pain and joy and pleasure in my heart
Passing times and seasons
Cannot steal my reasons to believe
I lie awake and thinking
I defy your silent blinking by my bed
You can age my frame in moving
But you cannot tame the love inside of me
So count as you are able
Power drawn from cables in the wall
Speak what is your mission
Tell me the condition of the day
But don’t sit there and threaten
I have no intent of letting you decide
These moments I inherit
I will do with as I choose and think is right

Arrogant clock


4 responses to “1:08

  1. So stubborn! :p It made me giggle. Basically, I love it. Thank you for posting it. 🙂

    Ps. Sometimes I want to strangle my clock for taunting me when i cantl fall asleep…

    • I thought it would be funny to have a fake argument with my clock. I also thought that sometimes seeing the time actually makes me feel more tired or more stressed and I should control it rather than letting it control me. I think me and it have an understanding now. Our relationship is doing better 😉

  2. this kind of has a humorous tone to it. but underlying the humor is a serious message. clocks show us the time, but it doesn’t adjust to our biological clocks and our life chores, its we who adjust to work to a clock and set time. we want to have control over time and let ourselves decide the path.

    beautiful poem. 🙂

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