All At Once

Strickened by a thought I lost the focus for
Like a dream that drains away before your eyes are wide
Overtures of other days and other words

But I’m not quite sure
How the lines are connected

And I’m not quite pure
But I fought these infections

It’s the lives we make
Out of wakened affections

It’s the chances left
For a place imperfected

All at once
I see you
As you always were
In the corners of my mind

All at once
I see you
And I don’t deserve
How the love you gave was blind


13 responses to “All At Once

  1. An excellent poem Vampire Weather,
    and always with a very clear and truly
    delightful style πŸ™‚

    I was wondering why this poem has no
    graphic attached? πŸ™‚ Just a thought…


    • This is an old post that I revived. I have toyed with graphics since I started the blog and for a while I did not include them. This one was during that gap and before I began again to add images. Thank you for reading

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