Ah this skin I’m in is faulty
I can’t seem to get it off me
Claw away at my humanity
Still I lay here quite imperfectly

Ah this mind I own is broken
Too aloof and quickly stolen
Like the wires are untidy
And a meltdown is quite likely

5 responses to “Claw

  1. but so is true for everyone
    for every mind has been undone
    and there is not a mind to spare
    but only hearts that need to bear

    for pain and strife is all around
    and we are forced to kiss the ground
    but strength is found inside of men
    and we can always rise again

    -haha just wanted to add something, since you also gave a nice comment on my post.

  2. I was just thinking of this the other day – That we are stuck in our own skin and mind and we can’t escape. Thanks for another post!

  3. even small verses can give an intense feeling. that feeling of needing to get out of our skins is too true to believe. sometimes when we are ill, we would give anything to get out of our tired worn sick bodies.
    this poem conveys that idea perfectly. the narrator longs to get out of his/her skin or else risk insanity. nice poem in the end.

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