Dancer Down

Oh there she goes
We’ve seen this song and dance before
Too many rounds
And now she’s bleeding on the ballroom floor
Pay her no mind
Pay her no mind
She does this all the time
Try not to stare
But don’t feel bad
She does this all the time

And when the crowd closes in
The music–oh the sweat and angst
She lost her footing yet again
Trying to move at a different pace
Dancer down dancer down
Dear mr. DJ keep the beat
The pandemonium resumes
Don’t stop the band just play on

You tore your dress
Silk has a tendency to catch
On sharper edges
Chiffon and lace don’t ever last
Pay her no mind
Pay her no mind
She only wants attention
Just step around
And keep in line
She only wants attention

The floor is cold on the face
The angle much more riveting
What people hide up their dress
Adds a sense of danger to the scene
Dancer down dancer down
Let the doorman lend assistance
The pandemonium resumes
Don’t stop the dance just play on

Dear, did you shatter
Your last glass slipper
Did the clock strike
The end of the day
Did you think they
Would want another diva
Nobody hears you crying
When the music playing


8 responses to “Dancer Down

    • I really intended it almost as a sarcastic commentary on a girl who just didn’t fit in, but rather than write it from the perspective of sympathizing, I wanted to show what other people think about her. On a personal level, I identify with the girl and her difficulty following the dance steps in the crowd of life, but I wanted to show how it appears to others and see if, in reading, people find sympathy or just agree that she needs to get up and join the crowd.

  1. I completely misread that, I feel guilty now . I fell into the trap of the obvious! You wrote the poem so well that I saw her as a Diva ..I must reassign my ideas on divas they may just be the misunderstood. Brilliant poem sorry for my earlier flippant comment!

    • Oh no, it’s quite alright. I think there is a part of us that is very good at passing judgment–me included–and I was trying to draw that out. I was almost encouraging criticism of her. It was the expected. And perhaps the verdict is still up in the air…I wanted the reader to decide if the narrator was too harsh and unfeeling, or perhaps he is correct in his assessment. Either way, I find we will tend to agree because it is the pervasive opinion and I wanted to paint her one way and see if anyone could see past that. I leave the decision to you 🙂

  2. of your latest batch of poems, this becomes the one i like the most.

    kind of reminds me of cinderella at the ball but a much darker kind. the glass slipper and clock shows there is subterfuge involved, to create a different image than from real. to gain attention from the crowd the dancer tried moves presumed too wild. the poem indicates she didn’t get the attention she wanted, but was drowned among the countless others. there is a bit of hidden humor too and collectively taking this poem becomes one of your best efforts. 🙂

    • I tried a very unusual style (for me) on this one. I saw a very distinct scene in my mind yet I felt it in a metaphorical way. I wrote this before the blog was up and couldn’t decide if I liked it enough to post it, so I’m glad you like it! 🙂

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