Arts & Crafts

My arts and crafts
Are hearts and masks
Cut out of thoughts
And glued together

Paper faces
Lines I traced
From other smiles
And other places

Take a razor
And a paper
Make a face that
Suits me better

Crude constructions
Of expressions
I can’t fashion

Take some scissors
Strong adhesive
Bend the edges
Shape the pieces

Lips for smiling
Eyes for lying
Skin like armor
Just to hide me

My arts and crafts
Are hearts and masks
All colored neat
Inside the lines

If there’s mistakes
We can erase
And start again
With better pens

My arts and crafts
Are jokes and laughs
To cover scratches
Fresh and bleeding

Paper faces
I created
From the things
Left strewn about


11 responses to “Arts & Crafts

  1. I chose to write in ink
    So no one can erase
    Though I can put a lock on it I think
    And hide it away in a safer place

    A place where they don’t know
    I’ll make sure you still have a key
    I trust your promise that you won’t show
    All the now hidden lines that you see

    • There is not a lot I want tonight
      Not a great or grander plan
      Just to know that everything is alright
      With my dearest kind of friends
      There is not a lot of wishes left
      Not much I would request
      I just wish I were a little better
      And could give you both the best
      I don’t need to have the world
      Just to mend some pretty hearts
      I wish I could undo the hurt
      And show you both how great you are
      I could sleep content again
      Knowing that my closest friends
      Lived in peace and openness
      Safer than the days have been

  2. Your Arts and crafts touched me here, where my soul is held so dear. You lifted my tired soul and brought it some relief from the pain caused by Time, the thief.
    I have looked around this sad world for years maybe you could make me a mask to hide my tears and fears. Thank you for provoking my thoughts I thought they had long gone and left me alone perhaps to assume that I was wrong

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