To Sleep To Sleep

To sleep to sleep
To rest and dream
To drink the night into the veins
To sleep to sleep
Recline and lie
Within a dark ethereal plane
To sleep to sleep
To find you there
To flee this waking revelry
To sleep to sleep
And then create
The world as I think it should be
To sleep to sleep
For just a while
To be released of all of this
To sleep to sleep
In twilight arms
And sink beneath la luna’s kiss
To sleep to sleep
To mimic death
To dance with ghosts and speak with air
To sleep to sleep
To seek your face
To hope that I may meet you there


7 responses to “To Sleep To Sleep

  1. sleep is fantastic if your sharing it with a loved one so peaceful and content i wonder if we do visit the afterlife in sleep sometime another world we visit while unconscious lovely poem xxjen

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