Vespers For Solace

Flickers of flame for a soul in the earth
Vespers for memories past in the night
Sounds in the silence now signaling birth
Echoes entombed

Wake for the dead in a sacred parade
Solace for love laid to rest in the cold
Dwelling unearthed on the edge of the spade
Warm in the womb

Sealed in the chambers that gather the lost
Marked here with etchings of deepest remorse
Laid under velvet and satin so soft
Eternal room

Moonlight as traced on the white of her dress
Sprinkles the roses in watch on the wall
Distance and dissonance sadly confess
Somber in tune

That somewhere in unison life is emerging
Somewhere in harmony death meets divine
Mourning bereft of it’s power in purging
Withers in bloom

8 responses to “Vespers For Solace

  1. beautifully gothic. these words would sound great set in song which i suggest you do. (no i can’t sing btw:P)
    the images of a funeral and eternal mourning you captured vividly in this poem. reminds me of “epistle no 81” by candlemass

    • I am still too shy to post any singing at this point. I waited a long time for the fortitude to post my writing in public, and even that makes me feel quite vulnerable. Perhaps one day! Your encouragement is certainly a step toward that 🙂

  2. Do you ever wonder if I remember?
    Do you ever have a doubt in your mind?
    Please, don’t be alarmed, my thoughts go all the way back before last September
    Every conversation and sentiment shared, all carved in my heart for the rest of time

    • I never wonder
      I trust and know
      Regardless how
      Tomorrow goes
      No distance made
      Or trial sent
      Would ever change
      How much you’ve meant
      And what you mean
      You always will
      My deepest thoughts
      I owe you still
      And take your face
      Along my way
      To think about
      You everyday
      Perhaps alas
      To see again
      My finest muse
      My bestest friend

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