Never Have I Ever

Never have I ever
Been abandoned by a lover
That I did not find I missed her in the end

Never have I ever
Given sentiment or treasure
And regretted the endeavor for a friend

Never have I ever
Taken rest beneath the cover
In the arms of any other than my love

Never have I ever
Made a bond I would not sever
Then, because of trial or error, given up

Never have I ever
Been afraid of being better
Nor would ever I desire to be less

Never have I ever
Tasted life in all it’s pleasure
Without also tasting agony and stress

Never have I ever
Been a taker or believer
In the easy path or common state of mind

Never have I ever
Been so talented or clever
I could write or state the feelings that I find

Never have I ever
Penned a poem I would rather
Not have ever even bothered to compose

Never have I ever
But my living isn’t over
So perhaps I will–I guess you never know


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