Rebel Skies

Sun lit the clouds on fire
Their tender bellies all ablaze
Outrun the rebel sky
To conquer the horizon

Extinguished with the night
We burried bright and golden rays
Before the moon defied
A company of shadows

The particles collide
Ephemeral electric seams
Divide the atmosphere
They reach to touch the surface

But when the dawn replies
Rekindled by the Phoenix beams
Sun fires reappear
Atop the distant curtains

And I split the rebel sky
In a violent forward thrust
Until heaven opened wide
For a caravan of us

In the dying afternoon
Bathed in copper-toned resolve
We were bigger than the sky
And we painted it with love



13 responses to “Rebel Skies

  1. here i see the changing pattern of day and night. the contrasting difference in the situations. the sky changes, directed by sun and moon. there can be different interpretations for who are the “we” but i love them to be humans, humans are capable of spreading love and they should.

    • I often feel dwarfed by the power of nature, and yet I can do things it cannot. It is a delicate balance–the fragile organisms in a volatile environment tangled in a battle for superiority…or perhaps tangled in an unspoken romance of beauty.

      Thank you

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