Scissors And Pictures

Someone went crazy with the scissors
They tried to cut you out
Mangled the things we made together
As if it never was
I’m finding pieces they have scattered
Across my broken thoughts
I’m hiding photographs forever
Protecting them because

I want the evidence
If someone tries to sentence me
They need to see it all
To know how bad it is
I want the evidence
To make their case convincing
I’m not ashamed at all
And I don’t need defense

Someone went crazy with the scissors
And part of me is gone
Chopped up and left with ragged edges
Confetti on the rug
Perhaps the shots were not so flattering
But I was not alone
Others were standing there beside me
Don’t tear apart my love

I want the evidence
So history can tell the tale
Don’t censor passion
It’s the brand of who I am
I want to document
I owe it to the ones behind me
No more deleting things
They need to understand

If I were timid in conviction
Perhaps I’d let it slide
If this were any other story
I might have turned the page
But this is stranger than your fiction
I shouldn’t have to hide
When all the masks are far more boring
Than what I have to say

I want the evidence
I made the choices I believed in
Sometimes it hurts to love
But that’s just how it goes
I feel the consequence
But leave my pictures undeceiving
I gave with pure intent
And I want them to know

I want the evidence
Picturesque in vivid color
I will remember it
Until they dig my grave
I want to treasure this
And glue our smiles back together
So leave the photographs
I vow to keep them safe


9 responses to “Scissors And Pictures

  1. there is a lot of courage behind those words. memories should be captured and retained as they were, in all of their glory or sadness. they should be kept, in all of their rapture or madness. by altering our memories by removing pieces for comfort, we lie to ourselves and stop ourselves from growing… touching post!

  2. This is so beautiful. I have vowed to keep my memories untouched and not pretend I didn’t make the choices I do even when it gets difficult to follow through. I am still happy to have my memories safe in my heart. ❤

  3. vivid beautiful and very imaginative. this would become on of my favorite out of your poems. the ability of this poem to build different emotions is excellent. i would not try to give meanings to this poem, but should say this poem bought intense emotions. keep it up.

  4. Very touching and inspiring to live for love and not turn back. Thank you once again for sharing you mind thoughts and emotions with us in this beautiful way.

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