Zombies Among You


Swing to the creak of the hinges
You people are sick in your succulent tombs
Stagger the slope from the ditches
Awake to moribund glow of the moon
Menacing only in figure
But lifeless expressions betray who we were
Balefully drifting disfigured
A ghost of the passions that struggle to stir
Some bear the marks of the broken
Poor shattered hearts all awry in our chest
Others wear feelings unspoken
Sentiments drowned and for all unconfessed
Stalking our “innocent” victims
All pressed and nicely tucked into their beds
Clambering free of our coffins
We are the shadows that trouble your heads
Stake us or break us with sleeping
But we will arise on the darkest of nights
Coming like zombies among you
Here to remind you of things you let die

15 responses to “Zombies Among You

    • As the image indicates…there must be some mystery involved. Every image is my personal photo that I have carefully dismembered. I include them to give ambiguous insight into my life and emotions without revealing too much. I use several different editors to obliterate the images as much as I can. I hope I can present them as additional artistic expression to embellish my thoughts. What do you see in them?

      • I see memories. Flashbacks of the past. Like the point in the movie where the past keeps coming back. Memories of the lover who died or a time that is long gone. Distorted, but only to the other viewers. The one that created the memory knows how it really looks. I see a creative expressionist eager to keep what he knows is his. A cryptic message to a far away friend. A mystery all wrapped up in tragedy. Something that will be forever held on to. A self sacrificing hero. A force to be reckoned with. A desire to be in a safer place. I see love.

        But then again.. maybe I’m reading too far into them… 😉

  1. the images you use are distorted, but i think you use those images as a prompt before distorting and then later you distort and post with the poem on your blog. we viewers see the distorted image with the poem written to the undistorted image i guess. that leaves a sense of mystery and quite a curiosity who was in the picture to give u notions of a zombie. 😛
    meanwhile this poem sticks out as deep and complex at least to my clouded mind. on the outside the zombies feel like memories we want to repress and keep shut inside, to forget. but they come out in the most unexpected times and plunging us to deeper darkness. good work.

    • I hope for a certain level of mystery. My life seems defined by mystery. I hope through images and words I can highlight perhaps a kind of conundrum of freedom and secrecy. The inner spirit crossing over into the outside world without coming fully to light. My images are homages to those I love and those who love me. They are uniquely meaningful to me and I hope in sharing they take on a new life with new meanings to someone else 🙂

      Thank you for the kind words

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