Subtle illusions awake
Taking the form of a figure so pale
Softly enshrouded
Bound and enraptured
Spun in a gossamer web I am captured

Shimmering embers of flame
Mocking the reach of my desperate touch
Drawn and enfolded
Held and enchanted
Taken in silence these storms have demanded

Currents converging in flesh
Stroking the edge of an infinite spark
Fully surrounded
Merciful phantom
Stolen for words and by gaze held at ransom

Surfaces feint and deceiving
Mimic unhindered a contour willing
Yielded for distance
Supple for friction
Perfect reflection and perfectly fiction

Passing ethereal drone
Sheer apparition of dream or of air
Molded from wishes
Vaporous passion
Cruel substitution for form fairer fashioned

Banish this hollow mirage
Scatter this heartless seduction of wind
Out with your pretense
Off with your scheming
My lover warms me much better than dreaming

Close with her skin I am calmed
Drowned in her gaze and revived in her arms
Touch everlasting
Voice ever calling
Drunken in love as a fool ever falling

Devious sleep I renounce
Nothing of magic or myth I require
Bring me the dawn
Give me my life
Let us be dreams for the sleepers tonight


10 responses to “Mirage

  1. insomnia is something we hate and now i see a poem of hate towards sleep. wow this is different. dark and gloomy in a sense, but the words are poetic.
    “Shimmering embers of flame
    Mocking the reach of my desperate touch” << picturesque, a mirage we can't touch

    "Off with your scheming
    My lover warms me much better than dreaming" << beautiful line again.

    • It was literally about a dream I had of someone I loved, then woke and felt like the dream was almost counterfeit and impure compared to the beautiful reality. That is unusual sentiments for my I think. Rarely does reality beat out my imagination. It takes someone special 🙂 Thank you for the kind words

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