Razor Wire Heartstrings

Spun with the greatest care
Patterns woven gently into hearts

Embedded firmly in our tissue
Scattered stains of love so torn apart

Wounded memories
Captive on serrated edge

Silent, the tragedy
Played out in crimson agony

Razor wire heartstrings
Dazed from being so entangled

Strands of jagged metal
Wrapped around our chest

Razor wire heartstrings
Digging in from every angle

Twisting our emotions
Tightening with every breath


11 responses to “Razor Wire Heartstrings

  1. Is this really supposed to be so hard
    They werent joking when they said life isn’t fair
    Miss the days before life was bare

    Those days were easier
    Playing in the snow
    When we didn’t know which way to go

    It’s not getting better
    There is no moving on
    There’s no being happy when your best friend is gone

    Though it still hurts
    It’s not as absolutely terrible as it could be
    I’m so glad I know that you still love me

    • Hearts are not for losing
      Love is not for using
      Friends are not for leaving
      Promises are for keeping
      Dreams are made for living
      Hope is made for giving
      Choices are not random
      I do not abandon
      Future is not for seeing
      Pain can be deceiving
      Trust is for investing
      Storms are made for testing
      Tears are made for drying
      Time is made for flying
      I miss you a lot and
      You are not forgotten

  2. i loved this poem. there is a feeling of choking. like a torture rack our hearts wrapped and trapped, constricts with each painful incident and finally chokes. that was the impression i got, majestically conveyed through words. beautiful.

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