Overtures and Whispered Tunes

Indwelling forms of vain remorse
Listless ghosts relent and fall
Overthrown in passion’s course
Visceral the echoes call
Enchanted wisp arise anew
Yielded on the midnight breeze
Overtures and whispered tunes
Unrepentant angel’s dreams


19 responses to “Overtures and Whispered Tunes

    • Wow! I am so honored. Thank you for your encouragement. I feel so new to this whole poetry blogging experience that it is very uplifting to have someone of your talent take time to comment and especially recommend me. I don’t know what to say. Thank you! 😀

    • “Make” is a relative term. I didn’t make the people or the objects, but I shoot images and and edit them as best I can. In some cases I take pictures of people who pose for me, in other cases I take pictures of things I find along the way. In other worlds, I am a professional photographer, but not that these images are professional (also a relative term). I just love to create. I feel obligated to make sure all the images I post here are from my own creations and ideas, distorted though they be. 🙂

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