The Band Played On

Oh God, we’re sinking slowly
Cold and lonely
This is a tragedy

These icy depths below me
Rising slowly
Witness calamity

Oh God, where are you now
We will drown and
What will they say of you?

The lights are going out
All around me
What are we meant to do?

And the band played on
A melody
A sad sad song
Hear the horns and strings
And the whole world crashed
Down on me
While the band played on
Through the final scene

Oh God, we die so soon we
Don’t have time to
Say our last goodbyes

This gaping wound that makes us
Doomed before we
Ever close our eyes

Oh God, I wanted this I
Don’t have strength to
Point the blame at you

But as we’re going down these
Fates appear so
Cruel and undue

And the band played on
A melody
A last surrender
To the deep
While the whole world crashed
Down on me
But the band played on
And so did we


21 responses to “The Band Played On

  1. This is a truly fine poem, my first tune-in on your blog and already you blow me away. Very deep, I get the feeling it holds multi-dimensional meaning even as you wrote it…Flows really well too. This one really spoke to me, very touching and well-versed.

  2. a song more than a poem. it’s gloomy but sparkles in beauty. the image i get is a sinking ship and then about humanity sinking to greatest depths of darkness. we need salvation, and where can we find it?

    • A question for the ages…”where can we find it?” perhaps too often we look outside for a miraculous rescue, when we have been endowed with powers of choice. Perhaps man does not control the icebergs, but we do build the ships, and board them on purpose. And when we sink, can we really blame God? Thank you!

  3. Loved the read and feel of this, VW, that no matter what calamity occurs, the band played on, Sometimes, just sometimes I get a feeling that we’re sailing so close to the wind that we’re in danger of crashing the whole ecological system.. but somehow, through no fault of our own, we stagger on and mayhap there’s hope in the horizon… xPenx

  4. There’s anger in my heart
    And violence on my mind
    Tell me, when did this start
    I don’t feel like being kind

    In my dark heart there is a burn
    And I’m seeing black and red
    Whoever crosses me will turn
    Or they might wish for death instead

    My heart is set on vengance
    I won’t quit until I’m through
    No need for repentance
    I’ll kill whoever did this to you

    Everyday my heart is tortured
    Because their stupid murder
    And now my heart is angered
    Because they killed my lover

    • So much emotion and frustration…so beautifully put. I can relate to your thoughts very well. Perhaps things are not as bad as they seem. It was not long ago, and still on occasion, I feel as you describe here. I am slowly finding solace in sorrow. People are fragile, relationships break, emotions explode, circumstances intervene, but love endures. Love is patient, love is kind… ❤

      • I am on most days acceptantly sorrowful, but there are just some instances that make me exceptionally angry for some reason. I had one of those today. And the poetry flowed together as well as is possible for me. I am sorry for plaguing your beautiful site with such nasty emotions, but it meant alot to me today that you read it and replied to me. Thank you. ❤

      • I am always very thankful for your expressions. I understand the rage. There are poems I have not posted here which are very similar to this one–and more violent and angry I’m sure. Extreme situations generate such a range of emotion from near detonation to total apathy and comatose despair. I respect each emotion. I am so grateful you choose to share your thoughts here. It means a lot to me. Sometimes, though the emotions and words are a torrent of pain, it is just nice to be reminded we are alive. And I am very glad you are. Please feel free to share as often as you like and as much as you like. It’s why this place exists. It’s the only reason I started it. ❤

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