When Words Cannot Contain

When words cannot contain
When the phrases flow unending
And in spending, still remain
A disgrace to thoughts and dreams
When the picture can’t be spoken
And the token seems a shame
To the beauty it’s portraying
And, ill-fated, mocks the stating
Because beauty is not spoken
Nor fine-worded nor in phrasing
But resides within the smallest part
Of we, the small, with fragile hearts
And grows with hope, on which it feeds
And love, by which all beauty starts
When nothing is, or seems to be
A portrait true of beauty sweet
Perhaps the truth of beauty lies
Within the ears; behind the eyes
Inside the mind; sprung from the soul
It’s figure, only you may know
And so in taking, seeing, drinking
Living, breathing, moving, thinking
Beauty’s face is not our making
But our spirit’s art forsaking
Body for some word or picture
Fixtures of some deep elixir
Seek it, if you dare so far
But beauty is in who we are


11 responses to “When Words Cannot Contain

    • Several of these lines were scrawled a long time ago. Tonight, in an attempt to find some inspiration, I dove back into some words I penciled years ago, and I redid this poem. My spirits today did not enable me to write lines so pleasant, but I wanted to project them. So, I completed them and pronounced them here tonight. 🙂

      • Thank you. I’ve learned the truth of reality is not often pleasant. But the most trying of times can lend the most inspiration.

  1. beauty, so much is spoken about it… there are so many descriptions to aid us in our search, for the most magnificent beauty of all…that of true spirit, and belief in ourselves… Once we find peace within our own skins, it shows… xPenx

  2. I think this one has become one of my favorites that you have writting. so deep, meaningful and yet simple. i was so touched it brought a tear to my eye. thank you for writting this peice.

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