In Absence Of Tears

When I could cry no longer
My tears became a fire
A brand upon my passion
To set the world ablaze

When I could cry no longer
My eyes abandoned color
Abrasions from the anger
Impressed upon my gaze

When I could cry no longer
The shadows in my corners
These denizens distorted
Invaded my respite

When I could cry no longer
My life became my torture
My waking turned to anguish
Which followed me to night

When I could cry no longer
The emptiness and hunger
The stresses I was under
Became a prison cell

When I could cry no longer
My grief became the sulfur
My pain became the chamber
My mind became a hell


22 responses to “In Absence Of Tears

  1. I have cried so much, that this reaches out and shakes me to the core… I haven’t reached the cry no longer stage… Mayhap I will never reach it… I seem to have a talent for tears… xPenx

    • I have always been one to cry easily. I think perhaps it is a sign of our sensitivity as humans to our own selves and those around us. Tears seem to contain a sort of toxin that cleanses us when we cry them out. When we cannot cry, or hold it in, it is like a sickness we repress that must be relieved. I hope we never stop crying

    • I’m sorry. Or perhaps that was appropriate? There have been some moments lately I would far prefer to cry. At some point it is almost like the feeling disappears, the tears dry up, and I am forced to convince myself I still exist and I need to respond to the world around me. I have cried until it turned to a nothingness…an absence of feeling, which seems much worse than feeling. It truly becomes like living trapped in my own skin, trying to recover some feeling…any feeling. I cannot even like my poetry–as if I cannot see beauty in anything. Not in words or pictures or poems. I have written so much I won’t post, because it just seems unfeeling and hollow. It is much better to cry, I think. Thank you for reading

      • It’s a sort of floating through life feeling, isn’t it? I’ve had the same. I haven’t cried lately as much as I have in the past. I’m not really all there in the head to be able to feel enough to cry. It’s like I’m living in my head. In a different reality. Not paying attention to conversations or what is actually happening. I miss a lot I guess. Sort of withdrawn, just not all there. People think I have some psychological head condition I’m sure.

      • It’s like living in another place. Sometimes I get glimpses of where I actually am and I don’t remember getting there, and I realize what the weather is like or what people are talking to me about, but otherwise I’m usually oblivious. :p

  2. This poem is so honest, raw and articulate…I’m a very emotional person and cry a lot…people sometimes mistake it for a “downer”, something negative…a great big “cry baby” but I don’t feel that way at all…It’s a necessary release and expression of not only sadness but many states of mind and heart. One who FEELS prolifically will inevitably overflow with all that feeling. And I agree, it causes dis-ease and other turmoil to hold too much inside.

  3. emotional in simple words. 🙂 the last verse builds up this poem to dizzying heights. loved the repetitive first line in each verse, it did no harm but served to enhance the message. keep going strong.

  4. Thank very much for checking out and commenting on my blog. I really do love you work but this stood out for me so raw. It makes me thinking about my feelings, how i express them. And surely that those who write tend to bottle up feelings of rage or woe. Or Either empty ourselves dry of all the emotion.

    • Thank you for stopping by! Perhaps our pent up feelings are what drive us to be artists. It is more of a necessity sometimes for me than something like a hobby. It is like breathing. I appreciate that you took the time to comment and read 🙂

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