Audible Medication

We need a line
We need a dosage
This is serious

We’re losing vitals
Make it potent
This is serious

Melodies & harmonies
Rhythm & emotion
Feed it through the cables
Wired to my head

Cadence & cacophonies
Memories & tokens
Keep the beeping stable
Wired to my head


7 responses to “Audible Medication

  1. makes me think of ER, there is always a sense of urgency, they work quick but they are calm and i’m always amazed by their skills. i know the theme here is different but i can’t help thinking of ERs

    we all get that intense urge for wires to be strapped and poured emotions and memories by force in times. this poem makes me realize we live for them, memories, they define us and keep us stable πŸ™‚ beautiful work.

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