Metronome Steps

Always in time
Closer in rhythm
With days that go by

Steady and slow
Closing the distance
In echoing blows

Beats from behind
Hunting my movements
In chase of my mind

metronome steps
Building crescendos
Vibrations of death

21 responses to “Metronome Steps

  1. the tick of the clock, or the metronome beating out the personal rhythm to your life, VW… You’ve captured the feel, of almost frenetic dreadful realisation that we are not immortal…our time comes to an end… I ask myself how could I not know this, it doesn’t just happen to others, it’s … flipping personal… 😀 xPenx

  2. Seems like we will live forever…hard to imagine perpetual darkness…but then again…it wasn’t so bad before we came into existence…I don’t remember anything:)

    Nice poem. I wish I could think daily about death and comprehend it so that I can make the most of the day…wait…I hear the metronome ticking faster:)

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