Starlit vigilantes under static skies
Angel-haired accomplices in love
Catapult the moon into her comatose eyes
Center axis captured in withdrawals from these raptures

Ceremony alibis and counterparts
Catacombs and hieroglyphic sighs
Severed from recovery these overdose hearts
Fumbling the ecstasy of infinite complexity

Sterile conversation-broken overtones
Fashioning asylum from resolve
Vague articulations uttered soft into phones
Surrogate anticipation stricken from these situations

Aboral transmitted arcs of destiny
Sheltered underneath our baited stare
Canonized as saints beneath cathedrals of leaves
Whispered into silent voices wired to our tangled choices


18 responses to “Asylum

  1. Very nicely written. Although I mist admit I will need to read this a few more times to get the fullness of this poem. Thank you for continuing to show is your thoughts and heart πŸ™‚

  2. What a wonderful confluence of words and images , not quiet sure what it all means yet but that is the beauty of poetry you can come back to it again and again! Please keep writing!

  3. An excellent addition to your Space,
    I have been reading several of your
    works and I will be returning to offer
    more of my thoughts Vampire W


  4. Vampire Weather….love the name, very cool.
    I’m so glad you came by, thanks for your comment. Yes all graphics are made by me including backgrounds, I usually design all my own stuff from scratch but when in a hurry I might look for inspiration from psp tut sites and then design my own version of something I saw. Your poems are beautiful, each one makes me want to read another….and another…so I will definitly be back, probably often , i’ll add your link to blogs I follow.
    Nikki x

  5. insane in a good way. it is hard to get a meaning through a single read due to the complexity or rather the different stories each verse weave. considering the title itself “Asylum” it dawns on me these are thoughts of some trapped in a mental asylum, thoughts running all over the place fighting powerful drugs of sedation. nightmares eating up frail minds bite by bite. its truly a heavy picture. that interpretation is just my opinion. it can be totally the opposite from what you intended of the poem. but taking all together it is a wonderful creation. keep on writing.

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