Ghost In Me

Shutters closed so tightly
Everything is hidden out of view
Rooms adorned and waiting quietly
Behind these curtains that I drew

The fire burning brightly
Music fills these empty halls
With me she visits nightly
The vaults echo her call

The paths are overgrown
No one tends the garden anymore
Symphonies performed unknown
Memories from distant shores

Buried in the courtyard
Tapestries of dead desires
Wakened under new stars
Burning like a funeral pyre

She haunts my heart
She knows all the secret parts
Walks through my doors
Like I never even closed them

She haunts my dreams
She knows all my deepest things
Opens my thoughts
Like I never even closed them


33 responses to “Ghost In Me

  1. I have never lost to death a woman that I truely love…soul mate…but you captured what I would imagine it to be like…although she is gone…her spirit would still be a part of my existence…especially my dreams.

  2. Just so fabulous , I see a man obsessed with his dead lover/wife and the beauty of her love defying time and life’s rules. but also the sadness of a man obsessed with one who has gone , taking with her his life too… for he has given up on life! What a beautiful poem. Congratulations!

  3. Ghost of a past love, VW, hauntingly sad…to lose that special someone, who is imprinted on your life on your psyche,..and always will be… with every breath you take, you feel as if you breathe for them… xPenx

    • Thank you Pen. There are places inside of us that not many people will ever find. Places we think are impenetrable. It is a fearful thing to be so entwined with someone that they can enter those sacred places. The vulnerability is beautiful and dangerous

  4. A ghostly remembrance, a touching of souls that even through death itself cannot break the bond that is a love through all eternity, an infinite loving feeling crushed and yet lives vibrantly within, until the joining once more, forever…


  5. love is the most powerful feeling we have and when we loose someone that love stays but deep inside right next to that feeling of loss xxjen

  6. i love this, bittersweet flowing and powerful.
    “The paths are overgrown
    No one tends the garden anymore” << a bleak picture
    "Buried in the courtyard
    Tapestries of dead desires" << loved the idea. what else do we have buried in this bleak imagery. is it all our hopes and feelings too?
    "Walks through my doors
    Like I never even closed them" << a moment of fright and gloom. but mysterious too.

    this poem floats,shimmers and shine like a ghostly halo.

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