Appointment With Dreams

Tuck your sleepy eyes into their lids
Unbutton your sense of reality
Slip out of the trappings of this life
Place your paper face up for the night

Hang your armored skin out on the line
Zip into a warm inviting mood
Let the tension fall out of your hair
Drink the constellations from the air

Still one more appointment made to keep
Don’t forget to meet me in your dreams
As your body sinks into it’s sleep
Strap your spirit, weightless, into wings

Brace against the early morning tide
Stay with me until we flee the night
Life is never quite the way it seems
Don’t forget to meet me in your dreams


13 responses to “Appointment With Dreams

  1. This is wonderful. I meant to comment last night, but it lulled me to sleep before I could. And I had several beautiful dreams. Thank you.

  2. The best thing about dreams is that they can feel so real, especially wonderful when in a dream we meet with someone we want to see. But also the worst things about dreams is that they can feel so real….
    Hope you have a great weekend.
    Nikki x

    • Ah yes, the blessing/curse of our dreams. We are more intelligent and creative than we realize. I find dreaming a pleasant or terrorizing reminder of that fact. Thanks for stopping by!

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