Well-Behaved But Faintly Desperate

Sensory like Armageddon
Bended nerves and thin expressions
Thrown across this weary canvas
Lent to give a false impression
Spent to keep the censors guessing

Biding time for convalescence
Hidden lines and long confessions
Packed within these casual glances
Locked behind our fragile essence
Well-behaved but faintly desperate


17 responses to “Well-Behaved But Faintly Desperate

  1. Great description of our desperate times. … Do you ever feel as if you’re stretched so thin, you may lose yourself and your identity, conforming… I do, sometimes.. . xPenx

    • Yes. I often feel that I am going crazy from the pressures of a world I don’t quite belong in. But then again, do any of us feel that we truly belong? I do feel stretched very thin lately and I struggle to recognize myself in the mirror. Thank you Pen πŸ™‚

  2. i think im streched as far as i can go some days but then theres always that little bit more hope i dont snap lol hope you find a little more stretch vampire xxjen

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