Feel, oh feel the blood congeal
The organs stutter
Heartbeats flutter

Feel, oh feel the thickened skin
Eyes recolored
Breathing smothered

Maybe I’m alive
Or maybe I am living dead
Apathy impaled and disenchanted

Maybe I’m infected
Maybe I am the disease
Am I too far gone to understand it?

Am I a vampire?
I feel like I am burning in the light
This transformation…
I can’t see my reflection anymore

Am I a vampire?
I suffer but I never seem to die
Am I a monster?
My bed feels like a coffin on the floor


11 responses to “Vampire

  1. Darkness veils amid perplexing flickers of light, a crack in dark time offers refuge, the pull towards pulsing vein and richness of new blood quickens the rush, fangs that sharpen as twilight settles, timeless, ageless caresses and a hypnotising rejuvenation beckons, art thou alive or art thy senses opulently savouring a deathly embrace in a Vampires night of the damned…

    A very nicely offered addition to your Space my friend…


  2. you are a creature of the undead eyes burning red as the liguid you need to drink from the living to keep you existing within the undead great poem vampire xxjen

  3. to suffer, and not feel an ending of it, to live and wonder what it is to die, and then to die and wonder, …. is that a Vampires life.. or should I say eternal half life VW? … Darkness sometimes seems so compelling… as light casts shadows, who knows what’s dwelling… between the veil of life and death, as we gasp and take our final breath. … You ask a good question my friend. xPenx

    • Ah your words are hauntingly lovely. Thank you for sharing. Sometimes I find our mythology strikingly metaphorical as art. Living dead, half animal, immortal, superhuman, cursed, or whatever the story is…so much like our feelings and imaginations, just manifest into tangible creatures. Thanks Pen

  4. Maybe you are neither dead or undead, you exist in the shadows, you hide from the light . You can fly and move with unimaginable speed. You can smell blood, fresh young blood or sour older blood for miles , you hear every heart beat in every room you enter. You have become immortal , you no longer fear death disease or accidents you can make love with with a passion and suck the life out of a human being without conscience or effort. You need to guard your love and not give it away easily because unless you do the unthinkable and infect the one you love with the curse of your disease , you will loose them slowly and then you can have an endless eternity of lost love and loneliness….Oh! Vampire I am a mere and mortal, feeble human but for all my weakness and fragility I would not exchange places with you. I pity you I pray for you , I do not want to die but I do not want to live forever. …… Beautiful poem very evocative. XXXX

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