Unwelcome Guest

Passed, like a compliment
A gift from a loved one
But not of love
Given residence, unapproved
This unseen guest
Traveler of air, for lodging stayed
In my sanctuary
And now is there tormenting me
As I strain to grant a swift farewell
No haste it shows
No pity for my soul
While stabbing mercilessly
Into my center
It’s welcome worn
From the day it was born
But still I feel
The virus

6 responses to “Unwelcome Guest

  1. This a beauty, is it unrequited love that is the virus or is it a disease left behind sexually transmitted. I know that is an unsavoury translation but it is a fact of life and very brave of you to tackle it. If , if it is love left and unreturned it is also a brave and beautiful poem. I do love your work. xx

    • In this case, it is very literal for once. I thrive on metaphors, but I am currently very ill with a stomach virus and I didn’t want it to prevent me from posting, but I felt too sick to write, so I let it be my inspiration 🙂 thank you!

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