Flesh-Like Machine

Torn from my warm tender chest
Beating but dashed into pieces
This flesh-like machine
Sputtering badly and bleeding
Like rainwater wrung through a sponge
Submerging my lungs

And I am forced to take it out
Set it to the side
In favor of cleaner energy
Generated from another source
With fewer working flaws
Devices less unpredictable

Suited for calm atmospheres
And warm climate shifts
This thing from my chest
Is fairing quite poorly in cold, I fear
Surely this calls for drastic measures
Synthetic parts or performance enhancements

Relics eventually fail
Poorly constructed, I suppose
In life of more modern assumptions
It was destined for the grave
But this flesh-like machine
Is hard to disarm

Cogs still turning
Like involuntary twitches triggered
From a severed appendage
It struggles to survive
But only the strong prevail, I’m told
All things must die

And it is not so strong tonight
At least that is how it appears to me
There on the table
Unable to awaken or rise
“A tragic waste it seems”, I think to myself
As I pull the plug


23 responses to “Flesh-Like Machine

  1. Pulling the plug on most things is a painful business, VW, but the mere fact that it crosses our minds means that we’re ready for the ‘all things must die’ scenario… Mere flesh lets us down, I wonder if our souls are strong enough, and how we’ll find out the answer to that question? I find I’m asking more questions than answering any, mayhap I shall switch off my mind for a while, ’til answers have been formulated… πŸ˜€ xPenx

    • My questions will always far outweigh my answers, I’m afraid. But such is the nature of existence, is it not? Switching off my mind or my heart is something I have yet to learn to do efficiently, but for my sanity I feel I should get better at it lol. Thank you Pen!

    • Almost everything I write has “another meaning”, but I hope that in some way you can see it through your own lens of experience and adapt it to yourself. Sometimes I fear that explaining my thoughts on a poem will wreck its perception in the eyes of someone who may be able to adopt it and translate it in their own emotional language. What do YOU see in it? Thank you, WillowDot!

  2. This is rather heavy…I had to go back and read it again…Were you taking your spiritual/emotional heart-center and treating it like the physical,fleshly mechanism that beats in our chests? However you meant this piece, it was very nicely done.

    • The heart is an interesting thing. We use it to refer to multiple parts of ourselves, but what is its meaning to us? We say things like “I (heart) NYC”, “put your heart into it”, “have a heart”, or “that was a half-hearted effort”. What do we mean? Do we even know? What is it to be brokenhearted? Hmmmmmm, what did I mean? I suppose that is for you to decide, my friend πŸ™‚

      Thank you for the kind words!

      • Well stated! I was thinking about that after I asked you; that poems and songs often have multi-dimensional meanings and purposes, speaking to a number of minds on a number of levels…Almost magical sometimes in their timing.

      • How often I recall hearing a favorite artist explain a song, much to my disappointment. My imagination had taken it so much further than they intended. Hopefully I can prevent myself from crippling any imagination on this blog πŸ™‚

  3. This piece moved me. The analogy of a cleaner fuel made me smirk. The double meaning of the climate. I want to curl up into this poem and stay a while.

  4. I like the thought of looking at your heart not only as a machine but outside yourself. paints a beautifuly painful picture.

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