Just Because

For all things there must be purpose
Science for each form of knowing
For each mystery a theory
For each man a point of query
And an explanation, surely

Problems have a way of solving
Circles have a place of meeting
All resolved and summed in order
Neatly closed within a border
Kept by rules in kind and sorted

You, however–you are something
I cannot explain or reason
Far beyond the calculation
Real but without explanation
True but not by my equations

When you ask me how and why
I cannot form an answer well
If God cannot be proved or judged
And love is God and God is love
Then I must love you just because

How I came to be enchanted
Why I choose to take this passage
Science gives me no assistance
I have no immune resistance
I cannot maintain my distance

But in truth the statement stated
Fails to speak the secrets guarded
Deep within my questions, jaded
Fools my head but not my heart
If I must defend my thinking
If I’m asked to answer plainly

How I came to know this love
I will tell them “just because”
And no one can remove the knowledge
No one can disprove or lessen
Any part of how I love
I need no reasons–just because


31 responses to “Just Because

  1. When you ask me how and why
    I cannot form an answer well
    If God cannot be proved or judged
    And love is God and God is love
    Then I must love you just because…. this verse is a Roman Triumph. very well composed the whole piece. lovely. We should question so many things in our world but not love, it is the only truth.

    • Wow what a kind complement! Thank you. “love is the only truth”…such a fascinating concept. There is so much to be learnt about a person by their definition of love. The word itself is so commercialized and misused. But somewhere inside it’s ancient meanings there is something almost beyond human…

  2. ‘Just because’ explains it so succinctly VW, sometimes ’tis best to not ask questions (Hah… as if!! I am a questioner extraordinaire 😉 ) … just let it be… (I hear a Beatles song in my head… Whisper words of wisdom…) and in truth your words speak volumes… ‘just because’ (I finish where I started.. seems fitting methinks) xPenx

    • Love has taken me places I never intended to go, taken from me things I never intended to give, and given me things I never dreamed to ask for. All the while, I have never had the skill to really capture the reasoning of that inner kindred connection with another human in words. It just is… Thanks pen!

  3. I love this, different to you other poems because, just because. You express love just as it is , senseless yet full of sense, with out understand yet full of understanding . It is for ever and ever but maybe with an end ! I love it , just because! XXXXXX

  4. I see such light in this. Love exposed. Now, the muse for this must be truly honored. These are words to swoon by. Truly Beautiful. I love how you expose your science reasoning contrasting in your belief of love/god. I’d love to learn the name of your god

    • Thank you for such kind words, Sarah. I pose a lot of “ifs” in my work, because my mind is constantly being pushed to consider a deeper meaning than I thought I understood. Perhaps the name of my God cannot be known, but I do detect that whatever God may be defined as, God must be a being for which there is no reason needed if God exists infinitely and was never birthed. The Greek writings of scripture refer to God being defined as love. Not possessing or demonstrating it, but actually manifesting it as the very essence of existence. I don’t claim to have a great deal of knowledge about either love or God, but if I as a being could choose to embody something–not just perform it, but it define me to the point that I would cease to exist without it–could there be a more dangerously intriguing choice than love? Perhaps it is part of the fabric of particles around us. Children are said to die without affection and human touch. Perhaps we are more defined by it than we realize. And if we are created by a being who chose to infuse us with pieces of it’s own image, perhaps it is the element that makes us most like God? Ah, but now I am rambling 😛

      • I am certain that your muse is most honored and humbled by your words. It would be impossible not to be by your affections.

      • I have been here all along. I haven’t left.. I couldn’t ever subject myself to that. Some days I just fear that my words are not sufficient, and so I find it best to quietly observe and obsess. I’ve been here reading your poetry over and over again. Like a ninja I suppose. I just don’t alwaysknow what it is i have to say. Maybe there is just so much there are not words available for my use. But do trust that I am so very addicted and always here. ❤

      • Some days I wonder…but reading those words warms my heart. I have struggled lately with wanting to post. Wanting to do anything I suppose. I fight to convince myself that there is a reason I must share my expressions here. Your words are more of an encouragement than you know

      • Then it is perhaps a good idea for you to keep that comment somewhere safe. Because there is a possibility that if this addict has her drug taken from her it may not go very well for her. I am thankful you have posted everyday. I read them at least twice over the very moment you post. I will try to be better about finding my words. But I trust you may know better what I’d like to say without my silly words getting in the way.

      • Your musings bring a smile to my face. And did you just cite the glass crib experiment? You intrigue me.

    • I see people argue reason with people, and I think it’s fine to debate the merits of actions, like marriage, sex, or commitment, but can you really debate love? Whether or not we choose to act on it, once it has blossomed it really needs no “why”. Thank you for the kind words 🙂

  5. a wonderful description of how we try to understand love, and no amount of words or science can ever prove the truth of that on which we feel. thank you!

    • I do think there is a point at which love is a conscious choice, but I also think it is so special. How can we ask “why” of something so elusive? Do we ever truly know all of the “why”?

  6. true love is something you cannot define clearly, it’s something you can only feel and if any one questions it, then they are silly fools who know nothing of true love…its sad that some have never known this magical thing called love. ….. this is by far my favorite poem!! 🙂

    to ask is to neglect the beauty of the whole thing. Don’t you think?

    • Tis true. Love is both a choice you make and a choice that makes you. Long live our descriptions of it, but reasons for it? It is its own reason and it becomes its own beauty. I’m glad you relate to this one. So thankful you took time to read some of my work

  7. MuseExtraordinaire : you are very right, if her drug is taken away, it will not be pretty for anyone…..it’s an ugly thing heartbreak.

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